Stephenie Meyer Exclusive: 'Breaking Dawn' Author Talks End Of 'Twilight Saga'

The woman who started it all has dishes about the final cut of 'Breaking Dawn, Part 2' and reveals whether she's planning to continue the series.

It's hard to believe, but the end of "The Twilight Saga" is very near. But don't shed any tears. Author Stephenie Meyer sure isn't, at least not yet.

"Breaking Dawn, Part 2" opens November 16, and as MTV News prepares to sit down for the last round of interviews with cast (our "MTV First" with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner airs November 1 at 8 p.m. on MTV and, the woman who started it all spoke with us about seeing the final film at last, whether the saga may in fact continue, and why she's a little overwhelmed at the moment.

MTV: Hi, Stephenie! "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" is almost here. Are you ready to take your victory lap?

Stephenie Meyer: [laughs] I don't think the term "victory lap" has ever entered my mind. In sports terms it's a hurdle. We've got one more hurdle to jump in this area and then I have to go on to different ones.

MTV: Have you taken any time yet to reflect on this being the end of the franchise?

Meyer: I've been carefully not thinking about it that way because I don't want to be sad yet.

MTV: When did you see the final cut of the film?

Meyer: Monday [October 22]. It was the first time I've seen it with all of the effects in place. It had a lot of impact. Also, all the music was in, which really impacts the emotion of it.

MTV: Did you find yourself getting a little emotional while watching the end?

Meyer: Yeah. There's no way not to [be emotional] with the end of this one. [Director] Bill [Condon] has a very good sense of how to really wring your emotions. He put the end together in such a way that I don't think you cannot have a moment. I can only imagine the fans will really appreciate that moment of reflection.

MTV: Kellan Lutz recently said there's a special bonus scene during the credits. What can you say about that?

Meyer: That's actually incorrect. What they've been talking about will be in DVD extras I assume but it's not in the credits. There is no extra scene.

MTV: Of course the fans are very excited to see Kristen's interpretation of Bella as a vampire at last.

Meyer: It's subtle and yet kind of amazing. She's very self-possessed the way she holds herself. She's a completely different kind of character.

MTV: Meanwhile Robert Pattinson has been describing the vampire sex in the film as "ridiculous" in recent interviews.

Meyer: Yeah I saw that. I think he was talking about how it was so hard to keep a straight face [during that scene]. For the actors, there are 40 people in the room and most of them are inches away from you. It's a kind of awkward menage-a-forty going on. I think when you see the scene it's a testament to their acting ability that you don't see any of that in that moment at all.

MTV: Are you happy with the changes that have been made from the book?

Meyer:There is an element we had to change to make it more visual. The changes give us a bigger story. It's something that me and [screenwriter] Melissa [Rosenberg] came up with over one long dinner in Vancouver. Once we had figured out how we wanted to do it everything really fell into place.

MTV:Can you shed some light on the recent reports that the studio is exploring a continuation of the franchise? Have you discussed more 'Twilight' with them?

Meyer: I haven't. I've had no conversations to that effect at all. I've seen a couple things about it but it's really not anything I've heard about personally.

MTV: Are you open to more films or TV that would continue the story? Or would you rather any stories begin as books?

Meyer: I don't know. For me I have a very different agenda [than the studio]. It seems like that there should be some time, a resting period before that kind of thing comes up but I know they have a different way of looking at things and I'm sure it will be discussed. I'm always open to conversation. Generally if it's going to be characters that I like, I'd like to read about them first. But that's because I'm a book nerd.

MTV: Will you be getting into a writing zone once this promotional period is over?

Meyer: Hopefully. It's a challenge right now. Actually right now I'm working on my Halloween costume and I totally bit off more than I can chew with it.

MTV: What is it?

Meyer: I don't even know if I'm going to be able to wear it. It's going to be like sixty pounds on my shoulders. I'm a mermaid being carried by a pirate in a treasure chest.

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