Michelle Branch Gets Stuck In The Rain For Her First Music Video In 13 Years

Someone please give her an umbrella

Michelle Branch never needed much for a music video, and her big comeback stays true to those roots. Her first video in 13 years, "Hopeless Romantic," is centered around a woman, her guitar, her car, and a torrential downpour. But the rain doesn't stop her from singing her heart out about a lover who's "gonna eat [her] alive."

"The song is about the push and pull of a romantic relationship," Branch told Entertainment Weekly. "There’s always a kind of fear when you're entering a relationship with someone; of, 'Where will this go? Will I get hurt?'"

Branch was rusty in front of the camera, so she asked her friend, photographer Brian Higbee, to direct the clip. "His stuff always skews a little bit darker," she said. "I wanted this to be darker. I haven't had a video out in so long, so I wanted to push the envelope in that sense, and not have something that was 'cheery' or what people expect from me."

Mission accomplished. Branch's upcoming Hopeless Romantic, due out April 7, grapples with similarly messy themes, so we have even more grown-up Michelle Branch to look forward to.