These Gruesome 'Gone Girl' Posters Tease Tomorrow's Trailer

A red thong, a scalpel and a mysterious note.

David Fincher's adaptation of "Gone Girl" is one of the most hotly-anticipated films of the year. Why? Hmmm maybe because he directed both "Social Network" and "The Girl WIth The Dragon Tattoo," and we loved both of them a lot.

Plus, there's the fact that the novel the movie is based on was a best-selling sensation. So much of a sensation, in fact, that today Twentieth Century Fox revealed a series of posters that tease, yup, another trailer. Groan. Teasers for a trailer? That's sooooo 2014.

Whatever, we're so excited for it that we're biting anyway. The four new posters contain further clues about the disappearance of Amy Dunne (played by Rosamund Pike), and one shows a photo of her with her husband Nick Dunne (played by Ben Affleck) and several friends toasting at their wedding. But the photo is sealed in an evidence bag that's ominously marked with "Happy Anniversary."

The other shots also have the phrase "Happy Anniversary" and include a scalpel, a red thong, and a note that reads "This man may kill me." Of course, the bottom half of the note has burnt marks, indicating, there may have been more to the clue! Dun dun DUN.

Maybe tomorrow's trailer will help us tie these clues back in with what we already know? Which, you can quickly recap by watching the first trailer here.

Basically, Ben Affleck can't find his wife anywhere and he's going insane trying to find her. Plus, he's becoming a prime suspect in her disappearance. What will tomorrow's trailer add to that though? Guess we'll have to wait and see. The film comes out this fall on October 3.

Check out the other posters below.


Twentieth Century Fox

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