New 'Inside Llewyn Davis' Trailer: '60s New York, Folk Music and a Cat

Like the first, this new trailer for the Coen Brothers"Inside Llewyn Davis" introduces us to a scruffy Oscar Isaac as (you guessed it) Llewyn Davis, a wannabe folk singer who basically meanders around '60s New York. He pisses everyone off with his refusal to give up the whole wandering troubadour gig despite many, many personal setbacks and the grimness of the City's music scene in general.

Llewyn's got no money, a pregnant ex-girl (an unrecognizably mousy Carey Mulligan) who can't seem to stand him and an orange tabby cat that likes to ride the subway for some reason, and yet he presses on by auditioning for coffee house gigs and otherwise stomaching guff from the likes of John Goodman.

Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake's there as some idyllic, clean cut guitarist type and Garrett Hedlund traipses around with his slicked mustachio and bomber jacket.

The pic, which is loosely based on a 2005 memoir from "Mayor of MacDougal Street" Dave Van Ronk*, is visually a little more sober than some of the other gems dropped by Joel and Ethan Coen, but the dialogue is just as sharp as any.

For the music nerds in the crowd — and, well, because it is sort of a music movie — the number featured on the trailer is a cover of "Fare Thee Well (Dink's Song)" performed by Marcus Mumford and Oscar Isaac himself.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" will be released by CBS Films on Dec. 6, with a wide release expected to follow on Dec. 20. So, go on and tab this one into your early Oscar ballots, kids.

*As sleuthed by our pals at, there's a little throwback Easter Egg to Van Ronk. by way of Llewyn's album cover:

Inside Llewyn Davis, Inside/Dave Van Ronk

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