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'Mad Max Fury Road' Could Take Home Best Picture At The Golden Globes

But also maybe it won't.

More than any year in recent memory, the race for Best Movie of the year is wide open (though we did already call it for "Furious 7," tbh). With choices ranging from costume dramas, to post-apocalyptic car chases; from sci-fi survival dramas, to bawdy comedies... There's really no clear favorites that have broken out when it comes to the 2016 Golden Globes.

But we're gonna call it anyway: who will win; who should win; and offer your own takes, in the comments below.

Best Picture, Drama

Warner Bros.

Mad Max Fury Road

Like we said, nothing has truly broken out as the blow you away, knock your socks off critical favorite. Not that a Rotten Tomatoes score is the prerequisite for winning the Hollywood Foreign Press over, but looking over the nominees for drama means having to guess what movie is riding a wave right at this moment.

What Will Win: "Spotlight," of course. Even if the movie isn't perfect, the true-life story of an investigation into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church has exactly the sort of star-studded ensemble the HFPA loves; and unless they're super into a hairy Leonardo DiCaprio mixing it up with a bear, this year's "All The President's Men" should take home the prize.

What Should Win: It would be nice to see a smaller movie like "Room" take home top honors, but how exciting would it be to see "Mad Max: Fury Road" be crowned king of the Globes? It would be so shiny, so chrome.

Best Picture, Musical or Comedy

20th Century Fox

The Martian

Let's not get into what makes something a comedy, shall we? Is "The Big Short" a comedy, because Adam McKay directed it? Is "Joy" a comedy because David O. Russell's tone is quirky? Is "The Martian" a comedy, because occasionally there's some jokes? And why did that leave room for only two true comedies -- "Spy" and "Trainwreck" -- that now have basically no chance to win the trophy?

What Will Win: It's kind of a toss-up between "The Big Short" and "The Martian," but we'll go with the latter because Ridley Scott is beloved, and more people saw it. Also it's really good, and you should read the book, which is even better. Just saying.

What Should Win: Of these choices? "The Martian." But it's a goddamn crime that actual comedies like "Dope" and "Sleeping With Other People" weren't nominated in this category.

Best Animated Film

Disney Pixar

Inside Out

Finally, a category with some actually exciting, quality movies across the board. True, there's two Pixar films, but animation is becoming more diverse than live-action films, and that's a good thing.

What Will Win: "Inside Out," because more people saw it than "Anomalisa" -- which will probably (rightfully) win the Oscar. But also it's one of the most mature, heartbreaking movies Pixar has ever made, so we'd be happy to see it win the Globes.

What Should Win: "Shaun The Sheep," because everything else, by comparison, was meeeeeeh.