Katherine Langford Secretly Joined The 'Avengers 4' Cast

One more reason to anticipate the Marvel flick

In case you needed it, here's one more reason why Avengers 4 is going to be a must-see: Katherine Langford has joined the roster, multiple outlets have confirmed.

Sadly, there is absolutely no information about her role in the upcoming conclusion to Marvel's initial 22-movie arc — a surprise to no one, considering the studio hasn't even revealed the movie's title yet. We do, however, know that Langford has already finished filming her scenes, so that's one thing she has in common with Captain America!

Marvel boss Kevin Feige has reportedly promised a trailer for Avengers 4 by year's end, so we may not have to wait too much longer before we find out more info.

News of Langford's casting comes months after she said goodbye to Hannah Baker — her 13 Reasons Why character who landed her a Golden Globe nomination — in an emotional Instagram post. It also comes not long after the announcement that she is set to star in Netflix's Cursed, a King Arthur-inspired coming-of-age story. With both that and Avengers 4 set to drop next year, it looks like we will have no shortage of Langford in 2019!

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