Young Jeezy Drops 'Young' From His Name Because He's 'Grown Now'

'Those zeros get to adding up, you gotta drop the 'young,' ' Jeezy says of his new name change on 'RapFix Live.'

When Young Jeezy dropped his unforgettable debut album in 2005, there was nothing kiddie about it. Maybe his rap name suggested otherwise, but Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101 was a deep and dark rundown of the Snowman's street life before rap. And he's grown even more since then, which is why Jeezy has finally opted for a name change.

"It's Jeezy now, we dropped the 'Young,' " the Atlanta-based trap star announced when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on Wednesday.

Jeezy came up to the show to update host Sway Calloway and fans on his career and CTE record label. Earlier this year, Snow [article id="1707459"]signed Detroit rap group Doughboyz Ca$hout[/article] and California rapper YG, who he brought on the show with him.

The Thug Motivator flirted with the name change back in 2010, but opted to release his fourth LP TM: 103 with the "Young." Now he's decided to drop it once and for all. "I'm grown now; I did enough of that," he explained. "It sounds good because when I came in the game that's who I was and that was my state of mind, but I'm a grown man. Those zeros get to adding up, you gotta drop the 'young.' "

YG had an announcement of his own. Originally, the "Toot It and Boot It" rapper planned to call his debut album I'm From Bompton, but after some urging from Jeezy, he decided to change it to [article id="1713525"]My Krazy Life.[/article] YG says that the LP will drop on November 19 and house a collaboration with Drake called "Who You Love."

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