Watch Taylor Lautner Run Up, Like, A Thousand Walls In This Exclusive 'Tracers' Clip


Why walk around a car when you could just jump up in the air, do a somersault and flip over the top of the car instead? That's the quandary that Taylor Lautner's character faces in this exclusive clip from his upcoming film "Tracers."

Lautner plays Cam, a New York City bike messenger who has to use Parkour to escape the bad guys -- and meets a girl (Marie Avgeropoulos) along the way. One might even say he flips out for her.

Still, even without having seen the movie yet, we can say that this clip has us running up the walls in excitement. Want to see Taylor Lautner scale a pipe like Spider-Man? It's right here. Pop into a handstand then walk down the stairs on his hands? Yep, that's there too. Seriously, get ready to invest in some Parkour lessons, because you're going to want to jump over some stuff after watching this.

"Tracers" jumps into theaters and on demand March 20.

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