'Better Call Saul's' Humble Origins Revealed In New 'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off Teaser -- Watch

Can this show start now, please?

All we really know at this juncture about "Better Call Saul," AMC's highly anticipated "Breaking Bad" spin-off, is who it stars and when it takes place -- but that doesn't mean that every new clip and teaser doesn't fill our hearts with "Ozymandias" levels of joy.

In this latest short clip from the new, Bob Odenkirk-led series, we see a younger Saul (or Jimmy McGill, as he was called before his Walter White days) trying to inspire an unseen group of people in what appears to be a police station. "I bet if we were in church right now, I'd get a big 'Amen,'" he says.

We never find out if the forever sleazy attorney gets the holy props he was looking for, but we will find out if this series is any good once it premieres in February.

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