Audrina Patridge Got Her Soul Cleansed In An Ancient Mexican Ritual

Plus, why can't she do a shot of mezcal...?

In 2008, Audrina Patridge wrestled with whether to accept an invitation to Mexico with ex-fling Justin Bobby on "The Hills," but in 2015, hell or high water couldn't have stopped her from going south of the border.

Patridge, who's had the chance to travel the world as host of NBC's "1st Look," toured in and around Puebla, Mexico on the show's most recent episode. And between visits to historic churches, tastings in heavenly candy shops and voyages through hidden underground pyramids, she decided to do as the Mexicans do, and get her aura cleansed through an ancient ritual.

After successfully climbing through the Great Pyramid of Cholula Tlachihualtepetl in the clip above, Audrina and her tour guide du jour Jose Luis Hernandez Garcia stumble upon a ritualistic dance and, ever the explorer, Audrina decides to jump right on in.

"Jose explains that the dancers positioned in the north and south are performing a ritual intended to bring life-giving energy from the sun," she narrates. "And what better way to feel that energy than to join in!"

Suddenly, Audrina's perched in the middle of men dressed in towering feathered headpieces and neon-accented wraps who proceed to shake maracas around her aura, blow horns into her essence and tap her on the head with a talisman.

"I guess they cleansed my aura -- they got rid of all the bad energy," she says after the act is complete. "I feel lighter...I don't know how long it's gonna last, but right now I feel pretty happy." Jealous! All we got after our trip to Mexico was a sunburn that took the better part of an aloe plant to remedy...

Check out more from Audrina's adventures, including her struggling through a shot of mezcal, and be sure to keep watching her adventures on "1st Look"!

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