Bizarre 'Legends Of The Hidden Temple' Fan Theory Gets 'Confirmed’

The duo told MTV News why this theory works

After more than two decades, Olmec’s Temple from Legends of the Hidden Temple will open once again thanks to a new TV movie. But before we move forward, we have to examine the “origin” of the cult Nickelodeon game show. Host Kirk Fogg and Dee Bradley Baker (the voice of Olmec) spoke to MTV News about an interesting Legends fan theory. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

In August 2011, Tumblr user Raresteak uploaded a theory that went unchecked, so when Fogg and Baker stopped by the MTV News office, we just had to determine whether it was canon.


Here’s the theory in full: “I think Olmec is an ancient evil deity, but long ago the temple guards decapitated him, and his body was scattered all over the world, where famous historical figures found them. They were one by one taken back by the temple guards and put in their temple for protection. One day Olmec came across Kirk Fogg, and seduced him with evil. He made a deal to share the world he would undoubtedly rule with him if he could get his body back. Kirk fought the temple guards to get the treasure from their temple, but eventually the guards caught on.

That’s when Olmec and Kirk got the dastardly idea to use children. The temple guards, being the real good guys, couldn’t hurt children. They used the children to go in, steal the artifacts, which were really pieces of Olmecs [sic] body, and deliver them to Kirk with the promise of prizes. Kids were put in teams and tested on physical ability, and intelligence on the stairs of knowledge and the other ‘games’ they had to win to qualify.”

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It’s a lot to unpack. After hearing the theory, Baker immediately confirmed that it was “pretty much accurate.” Fogg joked, “It’s weird, because that was pretty much the original breakdown that came out for the audition.” Baker was also quick to point out, “Kirk was seduced by evil long before the game show,” as Fogg laughed and agreed.

As both guys previously explained in an earlier interview, adapting this game show into a TV movie was a total no-brainer, because a story line is already built into its setup.

“What’s interesting to me about this,” Baker elaborated, “is a very creative kid who has this fantastic mythology that he has written about — inspired by — this show ... What other game show would a kid write something like that? An entire backstory, you know, that’s very clever and interesting and fun. There is not another game show that would call for that. And that’s why this had to be made into a movie. And that’s why people still love it.”

Legends of the Hidden Temple premieres on Nickelodeon November 26 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

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