Wii Sports Goes HD, But For A Price, And Wii Fit Goes Free, Somewhat


"Super Mario Bros." helped sell the NES, "Super Mario 64" was the reason to get a N64, the original Game Boy was initially believed just to be a "Tetris" playing device, and the only game you absolutely needed for the Wii, again at the very beginning, was "Wii Sports."

So to say that original pack-in for Nintendo's previous console was kind of special is an understatement. That and how it sold the very concept of motion-sensing games to the masses. Again, "Wii Sports" is more than a little significant.

And it's coming back for the Wii U, though in a slightly manner than before, along with new bells and whistles.

Nintendo has announced "Wii Sports Clubs," which brings back the original Wii Sports activities… Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Boxing, and Bowling… in HD. Along with enhanced controls, thanks to Wii MotionPlus, plus online play capabilities.

But also separately; each sport will cost $9.99 each, so all together that's $49.95 for souped up versions of something that, all together, was totally free. Even if it was also groundbreaking and all that jazz.

Though Nintendo is offering slightly cheaper options. Tennis and Bowling are the first games up for grabs, on November 7, with the rest to shortly follow. You can check everything out for free for the first 24 hours.

After that, a Day Pass can be purchased for just $2, for another 24 hours worth of access. Or, one can simply buy them for the suggested price. Anyhow, given how Tennis and mostly Bowling were the only things anyone played originally, maybe it’s not such a bad deal after all.

Meanwhile, "Wii Fit" is also coming, just a few days earlier, on November 1, and as a free download. Everyone can put it through its paces for an entire month, provided if one already has access to a Wii Balance Board.

After that initial month, to keep playing, one simply needs to acquire a Fit Meter. To learn more about this additional piece of plastic, please refer to the Wii Fit U Direct from earlier this morning. But basically, it's like a turbo charged pedometer that also gauges the intensity and elevation of steps taken as well.

The Fit Meter will retail for $20. But for folks who just want the entire package, you'll have to wait till December 13 to get Wii Fit U in stores. The downloadable version will be available until January 31 of next year, in which it will be replaced by " a full game download full game download" the very next day. What differentiates this and the previous iteration, which has also been described as the entire package, is not clear.

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