'To Do List' Star Aubrey Plaza Doesn't Like To Do Heavy Breathing

'Those are private sounds. I don't want people to hear those,' actress deadpanned to MTV News.

Be named class valedictorian? Check! Land a summer job as a lifeguard? Check! Get admitted to Georgetown University? Double-check! So what's left on 18-year-old Brandy Klark's "To Do List"? Oh, not much, just learn everything there is to know about sex before freshman orientation.

That's the premise of writer/director Maggie Carey's upcoming film, which stars "Parks and Recreation" actress Aubrey Plaza as a coitus-ly clueless teen, who compiles a check sheet of all the naughty deeds she wants to do over the summer.

Some have likened "The To Do List" to a female version of "Superbad," and given its frank handling of sex (and its many, many cringe-inducing moments), it's probably an apt description.

And though the teens in the film are played by 20- and 30-something actors, the cast admitted recently during an interview at San Diego Comic-Con that even they came away from filming with a few new tricks.

"We all learned a lot of different sexual acts from doing this movie," Plaza said. "We learned what they are."

"I learned what 'bumping doughnuts' are," co-star Scott Porter offered. (For more on that, we suggest you watch the video above in which Porter helpfully demonstrates the move with his hands.)

Of course, much of the sexual onus in the film is on Plaza, who happily revealed her most embarrassing moment during production.

"Honestly, for me, just any kind of heavy breathing is not ideal," she said. "Breathing is a private thing. You don't want a lot of people around watching you breathe heavily, and I had to do that a lot. Those are private sounds. I don't want people to hear those."

"The To Do List," co-starring Rachel Bilson, Connie Britton and Clark Gregg, opens Friday (July 26).