MTV To Explore What It's Like To Be 'Ghosted'

A brand-new series, hosted by Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills, will cover the timely topic

Everyone Most folks understand what being ghosted feels like: You're waiting for someone to reply, and they just don't. Closure does not occur -- instead, it's an act of ending a relationship by abruptly cutting off communication without explanation. And now, MTV is about to explore real stories featuring real people who vanished -- and find out why this incredibly popular behavior unfolded.

MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, premiering on September 10, will follow two people -- the ghosted and the ghost -- as they try to uncover the truth behind those unanswered messages. America’s Bachelorette sweetheart Rachel Lindsay and recording artist Travis Mills will serve as hosts; in the eight-episode docuseries, the two will help distraught individuals track down and confront a former lover, friend, or family member in an effort to uncover the harsh realities of why they “ghosted” them.

Those "are you ignoring me?" texts will be answered -- and then some. No more watching those blinking three dots disappear forever.

Check out a glimpse of MTV’s Ghosted: Love Gone Missing above -- and stay with MTV News as we approach the premiere on Tuesday, September 10 at 9/8c. And while you're at it, share your own personal ghosting tales (we all have 'em).