Here Are The New, Perfect Emojis We Can All Look Forward To Very Soon

Welcome to my iPhone, big block of cheese emoji!

If you're like me, you use the phrase "that's the cheese" to refer to something utterly and completely awesome. Like the hotline a band set up to report harassers and abusers at their concerts. Or these killer One Direction covers.

But there's long been an inherent problem with this phrase: it can't be represented in emojis. You can choose the pizza one (?) to represent cheese, but that causes confusion. "That's the pizza" isn't a real phrase, and you'd be silly for saying it.

Well, now us cheesers have something to look forward to. Finally, we're getting our own block of cheese emoji! From the looks of it, it's cheddar or Swiss. And oh yeah, it's one of several brand. spanking. new. emojis coming to your smartphone very soon.

The Next Web


The Next Web reports that Apple's iOS 9.1, which will be available later this year, is set to feature several new entries in the emoji department -- including (from what we can see here) a cactus, a unicorn, a taco, a squirrel, a hot dog and a cool detective, all waiting for their moments of glory.

From the looks of this screenshot -- presumably grabbed from a paid Apple developer account -- there's still no bacon, and that's personally upsetting to me. But the travel page has a few more entries, including what looks like a cool forest path, a highway scene and some train tracks.

The Next Web


And hey, I found my new cheese so I'm pretty set forever.


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