'Harry Potter' Star Daniel Radcliffe Gets Leather-y In Racy Photo Spread

Actor also says, 'I think it would be very hard to go out with an actress, because they're [insane].'

Is Daniel Radcliffe overexposed?

Just as he's finished his full-frontal turn onstage in "Equus," just as "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" is about to hit theaters, the almost-18-year-old actor has bared more than his soul yet again -- this time for a racy photo spread in the new issue of Details.

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The article is called "From Sissy Sorcerer to Dirty Harry," but truthfully, Radcliffe is more hairy than dirty in the photos -- one British tabloid even tried to make the pun that he was a "hairy botter" after seeing his onstage nude scene in "Equus" (see (see [article id="1551419"]"Final 'Harry Potter' Book's Release Set As Films' Star Fights Controversy"[/article]).

"First, it's a crap pun because 'botter' isn't even a word," Radcliffe told Details. "But equally it's that thing of being shocked that I should have hair -- you know, anywhere else other than on my head. It's not so much that they don't want me to grow up. It's that they're annoyed that I'm growing up adjusted. They'd much rather that I was growing up and going wild and crashing cars."

Instead, he's growing up and avoiding buying cars altogther. "People who have car collections -- I never understood that," he told the mag. "I always thought that was unnecessary. It's not beautiful, it's not creative. It's just showing how much money you've got."

Radcliffe would rather spend his time learning to become a better actor, writer and musician -- he even got "Potter" co-star Gary Oldman to teach him the bassline to the Beatles' "Come Together." (And just for the record: It's poetry, not scripts, that he's keen on writing.)

He's also decided to forgo attending college -- not just because he knows what he wants to pursue in his life, but also because he knows it would be impossible to have a normal college experience. If he made an appearance at a kegger, the paparazzi would have a field day. "They'd love it," he said. "If there were any parties going on, they'd be tipped off as to where they were, and it would be all that stuff."

Consequently, he has not yet been to a nightclub. "All it takes is for me to be seen chatting up a girl for them to, you know, make up some crappy headline about me being a sex rat or whatever they call it." So how does he meet girls? "I don't really have groupies, per se," he admitted; he called the girls who scream love and devotion to him at movie premieres "really sweet ... and quite innocent ... and very young," in a separate interview with Q magazine (see [article id="1563897"]"Daniel Radcliffe Dishes On Harry Potter's First Kiss, 'Deathly Hallows' Theories"[/article]).

So who would he go out with? Not the women he meets at work, that's for sure. "I think it would be very hard to go out with an actress, because they're mad," he told Details. "Some actresses are just insane. I've never worked with a nasty actress -- they're all absolutely delightful. But completely barking [mad]."

That doesn't leave many options, considering his tight work schedule. But lucky for Radcliffe's fans, he's not ruling them out entirely, since he's not looking for anything serious at the time anyway. "I'm 17. I don't care," he told Q. "Obviously, if I wanted a deep and meaningful relationship then I wouldn't want to be going out with somebody who is only with me because I'm an actor, but if you don't want that, then it's fine."

Despite the throngs of fans it sends his way, Radcliffe is looking forward to the eventual end of the Harry Potter series. "I had a minor heart attack the other day," he told Details hyperbolically, because of a message on his phone that read, "[J.K.] Rowling Promises Eighth Harry Potter Book." Luckily for him, it turned out she meant a guide book about magic that she would write if the proceeds were to be donated to charity, as she's done in the past.

Radcliffe might well be "the only kid in the world who doesn't want an eighth Harry Potter book." That's because as much as he loves the films, he hates seeing himself onscreen. "Love watching the films, hate watching myself," he said.

He might be the only kid in the world to say that as well.

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