Halsey Reveals Her New Album Title With A Dreamy, Sultry Pic

She’s giving us major fairy-tale vibes

After exploring the “dark and raw landscape” that was Badlands, Halsey is ready to unleash her second full-length album.

The singer announced on Tuesday (March 7) that LP No. 2 will arrive in June and will be titled hopeless fountain kingdom. Her label confirmed the news in a press release, which emphasized that the tongue-twisting title is all lowercase.

Halsey shared the exciting news on Twitter, pairing the announcement with a sultry topless photo. In it, she stands sideways against a cloudy, dark background and looks down over her shoulder while holding a rose to her face.

As gorgeous as that photo is, though, Halsey revealed that it’s not her new album’s artwork ... though it feasibly could hint at some kind of dreamy, fairy-tale-like vibe for her new set of tunes. Her current Twitter bio, after all, is a dream-centric quote from Romeo and Juliet: “True, I talk of dreams. which are the children of an idle brain...”

As for what hopeless fountain kingdom refers to, a few eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that there’s a real fountain with the same name off the L train’s Halsey Street stop in Brooklyn. And — get this — it has the word “rose” engraved on it. So ... that doesn’t seem at all coincidental, right?

Halsey’s been subtly teasing her new album for a while now, which she previously told MTV News would be another conceptual project. Most recently, she invited 100 lucky fans to a church in London to hear her new music, and they all cried together, presumably because of the sheer magic of it all. “There are big things coming,” Halsey recently wrote on Twitter. “And I didn’t hold anything back.”

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