Chris Brown's 'I Can Transform Ya' Video: A Shiny, Sexy Throwback

Singer's new clip matches the grown-up club track.

[artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] is back. And judging by his brand-new "I Can Transform Ya" video, he can turn himself into a fire truck. Or a Ducati motorcycle. Or an expensive sports car.

This seems to be the basic premise behind the clip, the first single from his upcoming Graffiti album. After all, this is a very shiny, very expensive-looking clip, helmed by master of all things shiny and expensive, Joseph Kahn (see his work on Britney Spears' "Toxic" or "Womanizer" for proof). It's a blockbuster, loaded with eye-popping special effects -- the titular transformations are particularly great looking, as are the scene-to-scene transitions -- and frighteningly precise pop-and-lock moves from Brown himself. There are cameos by Swizz Beatz, who produced the track (and, not surprisingly, it's great, a fact you can probably attest to since you've no doubt heard the song on the radio by now), and Lil Wayne, who basically steals the show with his nebular verses.

Really, the plot of the thing isn't important at all. It looks great, it sounds great, it is pretty great -- a showcase for Brown's grown-man swagger and the first taste of the more mature side he'll reportedly explore on Graffiti (he even goes so far as to mention legends like Prince and Michael Jackson as inspiration for the album). And despite the fact that Wayne nearly steals the show here, there's no missing the fact that this is a very adult club track (it also has no apparent references to [article id="1620693"]his incident with former flame Rihanna[/article] earlier this year). It's a sexy and cocky listen, Brown promising great things to potential lovers, and though he also spends a large portion of the video mimicking ninjas and transforming into very costly vehicles, the message is clear: He's a man now.

Based on this early evidence, Graffiti seems promising: "Transform Ya" has already begun to ascend the Billboard Hot 100, and there's no denying that the song is a bold move for him.