'Iron Man 2' Director Jon Favreau Explains Tony Stark's Taste For Donuts

In an interview with Hero Complex, "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau revealed why a hung over Tony Stark ends up in the donut hole of Los Angeles' iconic Randy's Donuts over the course of the movie.

"The idea was, 'What's this guy like the morning after?' 'Where would this guy go if he had a hangover?' And then the answer we came up with was 'He would go to Randy's Donuts,'" Favreau said of the scene.

The filmmaker explained that he wanted Stark's hangover remedy of choice to have a decidedly L.A. flavor, something that wasn't quite as universally recognizable as a Dunkin' Donuts or a Burger King joint — particularly considering the massive amounts of product placement already planned for the upcoming "Iron Man" sequel. Favreau ultimately decided upon Randy's Donuts, an establishment featured in several other films including "2012" and "Coming to America."

"I didn't want something that felt forced. I wanted something that was really L.A. and I thought they'd be thrilled," said the director. "So, you know, we got there and I'm talking to the owner, Randy, and he says, 'Yeah, well, you know I'd really like if he flys through the donut.' Wow. Really? But that's how it is though, right?"

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