Cam'ron Might Be Dropping An Album Based On A Color He's Creating

Sounds about right.

Cam'ron helped popularize pink in hip-hop and he dropped an album called Purple Haze, but he may be bringing a new color to the forefront before long.

“I may be doing an album based on the Pantone color that I’m creating and I don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s not signed, sealed and delivered, but we’ll definitely put out a solo Cam project in December,” he said in an interview with Revolt.

What, exactly does that mean?

Well, apparently the Harlem rapper is getting his own color from the company. Killa Purple, perhaps?

Either way, he says he'll be putting something out in December. It could be this color-inspired project, or it could be his other, Purple Haze 2 -- which he says will be his last album.

“Not sure if [what I release in December will] be my final project, Purple Haze 2, which will be my final project, but being that we’re working on this Pantone situation, we may do something in between that."

He also said he's hoping to put out his collaborative project with A-Trak in the fall.

So, lots of Cam'ron music on the way. And Cam'ron colors.

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