Max Gave Kelsey A Very Special Gift To Make Their Relationship 'Siesta Key' Official


Kelsey and her boyfriend Max are going strong, and the two just marked a big relationship step during tonight's Siesta Key episode.

After an entire year of long-distance love, Max made the move to the Key and became Florida official. While this wasn't Kelsey's first out-of-state dating rodeo (y'all may recall Jacob from Arizona circa Season 2), tonight's episode saw her elated to be reunited with her beau, who'll be crashing at her new condo for a few weeks while he gets settled in Sarasota. During a convo with Madisson, Kelsey revealed that Max was initially all about setting up house together — but she wasn't quite ready.

"He obviously was like, 'I'll move in, let's save money!' But I think it'll be good to have a year where we're not living together," she said. "And I think it'll be good for me in the sense that, like, he's very drama-free, and I think he'll be able to keep my mind busy and out of all the Juliette crap."

Shortly after the Kentucky native touched down in the Sunshine State and was reunited with his ladylove, Max asked Kelsey to close her eyes.

"You have a surprise for me? I feel like a puppy's going to pop out or something," she said.

"It is not a puppy, but it's close," Max declared. "It's a baby crested gecko! It's red, just like Valentine's Day!"

Cue Kelsey (and pretty much everyone watching): "Seriously?!"


Oh, he also got himself a red gecko, too. While a pair of twinning lizards is no Range Rover (hey, Juliette), the gesture is pretty adorable, as Max is a major animal activist. It's a passion that's surely rubbed off on Kels just a little bit... maybe?

Kelsey's relationship with the adventurous animal lover is certainly a far cry from her roller coaster romance with Garrett (who has also happily moved on with Makenna). How will Max adjust to life in Siesta Key with Kelsey? Catch more of the no-longer-long-distance lovebirds next Wednesday at 8/7c!

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