People Are Convinced Taylor Swift's 'Style' Video Is For A Different Song

Was the video actually meant for 'Wildest Dreams' or 'Clean'?

Taylor Swift's "Style" video is a beautiful montage of red lips, foggy woods, paper plane necklaces (that most definitely belonged to Harry Styles) and dramatic shots of Taylor and her love interest glancing sexily at the camera.

But there are some people who think the visuals could go with different songs off 1989, like Allison on Tumblr, who swapped around some scenes and set the video to the tune of "Wildest Dreams." It works, no?

Then there's Kelley Dunlap over at BuzzFeed, who put together GIFs of the video with "Clean" lyrics, as other fans have suggested. They strangely go along perfectly. See the rest of the GIFs on BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed/ Big Machine Records


BuzzFeed/ Big Machine Records


BuzzFeed/ Big Machine Records


Also, someone tweeted me to tell me that the "Style" video goes perfectly with the "True Detective" opening credits song, so they did some edit magic and made that happen too. Hey, if you say so!

Everyone is so creative! What do you have in mind for "Style"? Let us know in the comments!

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