Daniel Radcliffe Gives Roller-Coaster Tips At 'Harry Potter' Theme Park

Actor names Dragon Challenge as his favorite ride in Universal's Wizarding World.

Daniel Radcliffe plays the world's most favorite wizard in the "Harry Potter" movies, but that doesn't mean he can't find magic in the real world. At Universal Orlando's grand opening celebration for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the actor was particularly excited about the park's signature roller coaster.

"The [article id="1635100"]Dragon Challenge roller coaster[/article] is a real standout for me," he told MTV News of the coaster, which is actually a made-over version of an existing ride at Universal's Islands of Adventure. Radcliffe outlined his very specific procedure for riding roller coasters: "Make sure that [the harness is] really tight; you have to try to keep your eyes open and try to come out with the longest prolonged scream, and if all your hair hasn't gone on one side of your head at the end, you haven't done it right."

While Radcliffe was entranced by the Dragon Challenge, he was also impressed by the mind-boggling attention to detail of several parts of the Wizarding World. "Me and Rupert [Grint] stood outside Ollivander's Wand Shop for five minutes this morning thinking we couldn't go in. We were just impressed by the outside," he said.

But Radcliffe wasn't as freaked out as he'd have thought about being so immersed in Harry Potter's world but not on a movie set. "You know what, it's not even odd. I suppose there was an element of it being odd this morning when I was walking around ... [but] it's amazing. It's actually fantastic.

"When we heard they were doing a 'Harry Potter' theme park, it's one of those things where you think that can go either way," he added. "In the wrong hands, that would not have been impressive, but these guys have just done the most bang-up, amazing job. The care and love that has gone into this park is equal to what we put into the films, and that's what makes this very special and authentic."

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