Rihanna Recording 'Inspiring' New Tracks With Producers Stargate

Norwegian duo says they focus on music, 'leave her personal life to her.'

According to production team [artist id="1467578"]Stargate[/artist] -- Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen -- [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] is hard at work on new music. Since the alleged [article id="1604609"]incident involving Chris Brown[/article] in February, there have been several reports that Rihanna has been in the studio.

The hitmaking producers previously worked with Rihanna on [video id="229087"]"Take A Bow"[/video] and [video id="84219"]"Unfaithful."[/video] "We were just in the studio making some new records," Eriksen told MTV News at ASCAP's Pop Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday. "Always very exciting to start."

He added that collaborating with Rihanna still inspires the Norwegian duo, calling their work together a "very rewarding" experience. "She has a character about herself now in her voice and it's great to see," he said. "[It's] very inspiring for us."

Eriksen wouldn't reveal the names of any songs that they've been working on with Rihanna. "I don't think we should talk about titles just yet," he explained. "We don't really know which songs are gonna make it, but it feels exciting."

Hermansen said that although Rihanna has been through a lot this year, that isn't the focus of the music they've been working on. "I think coming off of several million albums we have a lot to prove, regardless of what's going on in her personal life," he said when asked if Rihanna feels pressure to prove herself in light of the incident with Brown. "[We] leave her personal life to her."

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