When The USWNT Celebrates, We All Win

This is why Instagram Stories was invented

The United States Women's National Soccer Team are good at a lot of things, up to and including: Soccer; winning soccer gamesadvocating for themselves in the face of double standards and unequal pay; standing up against trolls and world leaders alike; inspiring an entire nation to root for them at a time when patriotism is at an all-time low; maintaining hand-eye coordination (foot-eye coordination?) while running multiple miles, etc., etc. So, when they won the FIFA Women's World Cup on Sunday, July 7, in a 2-0 face-off against the Netherlands, it should come as no surprise that they are also very, very good at celebrating.

They popped champagne, rapped the entirety of "Fight Night," belted "We Are The Champions," doused each other in even more champagne, and chronicled the entire thing on their own personal Instagram Stories — because a win for the USWNT is a win for (almost) everyone. On Saturday, a number of team members made it clear that if President Donald Trump invites them to the White House, they won't be RSVPing yes — but the party doesn't end here. Up next is a ticker-tape parade in New York City on Wednesday, July 10, and a potential tour of the House of Representatives, as suggested by Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley.

But until then, we'll be scrolling through the celebrations below, feeling unapologetically patriotic.

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