13 Things We're Dying To Know About DC's Justice League Plans

Warner Bros. really hopes you like superhero movies.

So Warner Bros. pretty much blew up with the world with its massive, 10-film line-up, but we have a few questions.

There were more than a couple blanks in the super ambitious plan, and while I'm still processing the enormity of the announcement, this is what I'm most curious about right now.

1. Why are there two "Justice League" movies?

DC Comics


The split is usually reserved for book adaptations that are just too big. Why set this as the plan from the word "go"? Well, besides money.

2. And why are they two years apart?


With "The Flash" and "Aquaman" falling in between the two movies, it doesn't make it seem like there will be a cliffhanger after "Part One." Is the story just that big?

3. When will there be a new Batman movie?

Warner Bros


There's been so much made around Ben Affleck as the new Dark Knight, so why didn't WB slate a new standalone Batman movie? They have plans for more Batman, but if it's before 2020 as the announcement implies, that means three DC movies in one year.

4. How soon will see see the Flash?


Since the role is already cast, will Ezra Miller make his debut in "Dawn of Justice"? "Also, our apologies to Grant Gustin. We still love you.

5. How different will "The Flash" be from the TV show?

The CW


Assuming that the CW show is still around in 2018, how different will the two Flashes be tonally?

6. Why doesn't the Shazam movie mention Dwayne Johnson?


He seems fairly confident that he's playing Black Adam. Is the deal not finalized enough for a formal announcement?

7. How connected will all of these movies be?

DC Comics


"Shazam" is supposedly not connected, but what about "Suicide Squad"?

8. What does another Green Lantern movie look like? Is it a total reboot?

Warner Bros


Despite what WB might hope, I haven't forgotten about Ryan Reynolds' CGI mask. Are they completely ignoring that going forward?

9. Who's starring in "Green Lantern"?


If we're wiping away the sadness of the first "Green Lantern," does that mean losing Hal Jordan as the main character?

10. Are Flash and Aquaman in "Justice League Part One"?


And are they going to branch off afterward to go have adventures by themselves? And then come back for "Part Two"? I'm confused.

11. Do we know our Justice League line-up now?

Warner Bros.


So the line-up mentions Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Green Lantern. Is this the Justice League that we'll see in 2017?

12. Are all of these going to look/feel like Christopher Nolan films?


"Man of Steel" established the tone for the DC movie universe as "Nolan-lite." Does that continue over to movies like "The Flash"? Are we really going to get a gritty, realistic Flash movie?

13. When are they going to film all of this?


There's a reason that Marvel hasn't announced movies this far down the road. Things go wrong. Projects fall apart. Each of these movies has to come together perfectly in order to follow this plan beat for beat.

Can WB do it? I'm not sure, but I'm excited to see them try.

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