13 Rhymes The 'Rapping' Pope Could Use In His First Mixtape

There's a photo of the Pope looking like he's about to drop a rhyme and people *cannot* get over it.

Pope Francis has been unofficially deemed the coolest Pope ~ever~ for his forward thinking ways, and if his most recent viral moment is any indication, people still think he's the freshest Pope in history.

Since last week, Pope Francis has been visiting Africa, starting in Kenya and ending his trip in the Central African Republic. During his speech at St. Saviour parish in Bangui on Sunday, Nov. 29, the Pope was snapped by a photographer appearing to be seconds away from dropping a rhyme:

Gianluigi Guercia / AFP / Getty Images


People on the internet have obviously been having a field day with this image of the Pope looking like he's about to drop a mixtape, and so the Twitter hashtag #PopeBars was born -- each tweet with a Pontiff-themed rhyme that he *could* be saying.

Check out 13 of the best Pope freestyles below.

Mr. Hamilton Himself joins in on the fun.

I also had to contribute. #SorryNotSorry

Seems like something he'd actually say ... well, sort of.

And we mustn't forget...

This Pope has dropped a beat before.

For more of this brilliant meme, check out #PopeBars on Twitter.

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