'Are You The One?' Poll: Do You Hope 11th Girl Christina Gets 86'd?

The gals don't want her to stick around, but the guys? That's a different story.

It was the twist heard 'round the world on last week's "Are You The One?" Season 2 premiere: One of the male casties has not one, but two, perfect matches -- resulting in the addition of an 11th girl.

Enter Christina, a free-spirited blonde from Philly with a penchant for fringe boots and revealing overalls.


How did the other 20 guys and gals feel about the unexpected surprise? Briana couldn't hide her frustration, but Paris said it best: "I look at the girls, and we're all about to pull her hair out. And I look at the men, and they're just about to pull her pants off." Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

If Christina finds her match first, one of the other gals will be going home empty-handed, in matters of the heart and wallet. This makes for an abundance of bitter babes -- and some hefty competition.


With both Brandon and Garland vying for Christina's attention (along with Lord knows who else), humility isn't exactly the newbie's strong suit. She even goes so far as to compare herself to last season's Shanley. (Um, do YOU agree these two could be personality twinsies?)


Nevertheless, Brandon appears to be Christina's top contender, because after he and Jessica exited the Truth Booth as non-matches, B laid one on his fair-haired crush in front of eeeeverybody — and homegirl loved it.

And why shouldn't she? It's not her fault she's the 11th girl, and she deserves a shot at love, too. Then again, she's a definite threat to the 10 other ladies -- one of whom could be packing their bags just because of Christina.

So what do you think? Do you hope Christina sticks around? And who do you hope gets the boot in her place? Cast your vote and comment with your thoughts — then watch everything further play out on an all-new episode tonight at 10/9c!

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