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Banksy Interviewed Run The Jewels About Kanye, Crying And Being Nice Guys

The hip-hop duo will perform at the artist's theme park Dismaland in September.

On September 4, Run the Jewels will have the honor of performing at Banksy's inaugural music festival, happening throughout September at the anonymous UK artist’s satirical theme park, Dismaland. In anticipation of the unusual show, Killer Mike and El-P sat down to chat with Banksy in a new interview for The Guardian.

In the interview, Banksy and the hip-hop duo traded stories about YouTube videos that made them cry. Banksy admitted to tearing up at Killer Mike’s speech from the group’s show in St. Louis the day Darren Wilson failed to be indicted.

"The last time YouTube made me cry was watching Dr John Henrik Clarke speak about Marcus Garvey,” said Mike. "I was overwhelmed with pain for a great man that was abused and mistreated because he wanted to better the state of blacks globally.”

On a lighter note, El-P last cried over a touching human/lion reunion video. “I wept like a baby,” he said.

Banksy also quizzed the pair about whether Kanye West was indeed the greatest rock star in the world. Both agreed that he was, though Killer Mike added some high praise for Rihanna, too. “Rihanna is the new Tupac,” he said. “As much as I love rock, ain’t nobody do it like Pac! Ri-Ri rules in my book."

When asked if he’d rather be thought of as a great artist or a nice guy, Mike said that he’s happiest when his fans think he’s nice. “The best part of reading social media after I meet folks is reading: 'Mike was a nice guy,’” he said. "I believe being honourable lasts longer than rapping good."