5SOS 'Group-Kissed' After They Wrote 'She's Kinda Hot’


With reporting by Chrissy Mahlmeister

5SOS knew they had a bit of "magic" on their hands when they wrote "She's Kinda Hot."

The band's new single is quickly becoming a favorite amongst the 5SOS Fam, and they had an idea it would, because when they sat down to write the track, they said it "felt really good."

"It was one of those songs when you were writing it felt, I don't know it has a magic to it," Ashton Irwin told us.

Michael continued, "I remember we felt it at the end of the day. We were like you know what? That was a good song. We group-kissed."

Hold up, really?

"I'm not going to run with we group-kissed, we shouldn't print that. That's... not a fact," Ashton added.

All kidding aside, their first single off their upcoming second album is a rock anthem, with throwback influences, but it also has a strong message. Encouraging people to not "pay a lot of attention" to the title, instead focus on the inspiring lyrics.

"It's more of a song for revolution," Ashton said. "I think there's so much more that meets the eye, or meets the ears with that song. It talks about mental struggle, to not fitting in and that's OK. 'They say were losers and we're alright with that.' I think that's a strong lyric in the song. It's definitely a song for the new broken scene kids, which are our fans."

So when can we expect a video for their new song? Maybe soon.

"Maybe we filmed a video, maybe we didn't," Michael teased. "Maybe we got a camera and we filmed it. Maybe it's coming out soon, maybe it's not."

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