Seth Rogen’s Mom Is Hilariously ‘Proud’ Of Her Son’s Joint-Rolling Skills

Meet the new low-key Queen of Twitter.

Moms are always there for you and will never waste an opportunity to brag about you to anyone who will listen. Their second home is pretty much in your corner, letting the world know they're proud of the person you've become.

And this mushy love isn't limited to non-celebs, as evidenced by Seth Rogen's hilarious mom, Sandy, on Twitter Thursday (February 18). Sandy Rogen is killing the Twitter game, with almost 23,000 followers, including Chrissy Teigen and Melissa Joan Hart. (Well, and her own son, of course.)

After sharing a link to a video Rogen made about how to roll a joint, his mom had something to say about her son's joint-rolling skills.

Because Rogen has a good sense of humor and loves his mom, he both retweeted her comment and replied to it with a short-but-sweet message.

But Sandy is no one-hit Twitter wonder, oh no. If you're not following this hilarious woman, you need to do it, STAT.

For starters, she shares ~memories~ with her son.

As well as important updates about her life.

Such as the status her fake tattoo of Seth.

And the names of people she finds attractive.

She believes in safety first.

And asks only the important questions.

Seriously, she asks great questions.

Sandy lives life on the edge.

Like, for real.

She shares her husband's dad jokes.

As well as her son's.

Plus, she even has some of her own.

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