'Jersey Shore' Poll: Was Paula's Cake Prank Funny Or Foul? (Or Both?)

Seaside Heights hath no fury like a woman scorned. Though it seemed as if Paula would never locate her backbone after an entire summer of being messed with by Mike, she finally gave him a piece of her mind cake on tonight's "Jersey Shore" series finale. And boy, oh boy, did it put a bad taste in his mouth, not to mention the mouths of his housemates, who unfortunately got caught in the crossfire.

Sitch, Pauly, Deena and JWOWW all tasted the crumb cake Paula secretly allowed a friend to (we believe the proper term is...) teabag before handing off to the housemates, and what resulted was the sudden, Shakespearean death of one very big ego...and a duck phone. Oh, and Pauly narrowly avoided a brush with anaphylactic shock. Lawsuit!

Watch the clip below from our last "Jersey Shore Hook-up"--ever--to hear what Vinny, Ronnie and Snooki had to say about Paula's prank, then take our poll and share whether or not you think her revenge was sweet.

Was Paula's cake prank funny or foul?

  • Funny
  • Foul
  • A little bit of both

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