Lloyd, Irv Gotti Talk About Parting Ways

Singer had sent out press release announcing his unhappiness with The Inc.

Last month, Irv Gotti told us he was [article id="1610905"]severing ties with one of his franchise artists, Ashanti.[/article] Gotti revealed he was dropping the singer from his label, The Inc. Now, another Inc. singer, [artist id="1245019"]Lloyd[/artist], has said he wants to leave the label as well. On Wednesday, Lloyd's rep sent out a press release that was headlined: "R&B Superstar Lloyd Ready To Part Company With The Inc."

"I'm ready for a change," Lloyd said in the statement. "There's no bad blood. I just feel I need to take more control over my career and get a fresh start. Hopefully Irv can understand my position."

Henry "Noonie" Lee, Lloyd's manager, chimed in, saying, "We find ourselves in limbo for the second time in three years. It's frustrating to know that opportunities to advance Lloyd's career are out there but we can't exploit them due to our current situation. Even though Lloyd is appreciative of the opportunity that has been afforded him by The Inc., he feels it's time for him to move on and seek opportunities that will allow him to build and enhance his brand."

Lloyd echoed the sentiments in his statement while talking to MTV News on Thursday.

"I'm not blaming it on album sales. I'm more focusing on just growing in general," he described of his goal. "There's a lot that's yet to be done on our part that we would like to experience, and I think that as far as my relationship with The Inc., it's run its course and they've basically done all that they can do for me at this point."

The singer said his relationship with the label has changed and although he and Gotti have communicated about parting ways via e-mail, they haven't seen each other in person in over a year. Hence, Gotti saw the press release at the same time as the general public.

"I feel like sometimes instead of the old-fashioned steps of 'let's talk,' maybe I'll just let people know how I really feel because I've been talking since I was 18," he said. "I'm not gonna say it's gotten lower because that would be a silly thing to say because I've come a long way. But I think that at this point I'm done talking about it. Sometimes I don't wanna talk. I just wanna do, get out there and do it."

Lloyd says ideally he would get his release from The Inc. and secure a deal for his production company Young Goldie through a major label.

"What I know, is that it's evident of the times that record labels and artists don't have the same relationship as they once did," he explained. "I'm not speaking as far as actually putting out the record is concerned. I'm speaking more in terms of productivity with that artist, with the project. When I first came in Murder Inc., it was kind of a record company and a production company. There was a lot of producers working. But now, it's not like that. There's no production coming out of the camp. That leaves me no music, which ultimately has forced me to become a lot more self-productive, like with Street Love and Lessons in Love.

"I was doing most of the production myself and the arrangements of the music was basically just me and my friends, my team, in Atlanta," he added. "I didn't really see where The Inc.'s involvement was in the project besides just kinda like being a name."

Gotti told MTV News that he's confused, because on one hand Lloyd says he needs more creative control, then on the other hand he says he needs more support from the label. Either way, it seems like Irv is open to letting Lloyd go.

"He is still signed with Murder Inc. and I will make a decision shortly on what I am gonna do with him," Gotti responded in a statement he sent to MTV News. "His last record didn't sell well at all. And, once again, he had his CREATIVE freedom to do whatever he wanted to do. But for some reason the people did not respond to the album or to him. But I will decide what I wanna do! As always when it comes to me, it's Murder For Life! And anyone who doesn't wanna be a part of that, I will take into consideration."

This isn't the first time Lloyd had tried to leave The Inc. In 2006, a press release was sent out that he left Murder Inc. for Atlantic Records. That deal quickly got quashed by Gotti and company, and whatever fence that was broken between the two seemed to have been mended. Lloyd even appeared on the first season of Irv's TV show "Gotti's Way" while prepping his album Lessons in Love.

Lloyd just dropped a new mixtape building off of his LP called Lessons in Love 2.0. He also appears on Drake's mixtape So Far Gone.

The singer said that regardless of his contractual status, he wants to start work on his new album soon.

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