Weezer's Bell Heading For the Ozone With Space Twins

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Editor Clare Kleinedler reports: For Weezer

guitarist Brian Bell, what started out as sort of a

Saturday afternoon space-filler has turned into a

full-fledged side project band, the Space Twins.

"I started the band in 1993 with my then-girlfriend,"

said Bell, while in Portland touring with Weezer. "It

was meant to be nothing more than a cute

project...something where we would play children's birthday parties," said Bell. "We had

monikers; I was Space Helmet and she was Moon Boot and we wrote crazy wacky songs about

Snufulufugus and Bo Peep counting sheep. We made our own antennas out of headbands and

wire and Styrofoam balls with glitter, and I would wear a blue Star Trek looking shirt at the


Well that was then. The Space Twins now have a new line-up (ex-girlfriend is out; three male

buddies are in) and have just wrapped-up a six-song demo. Although the songs still have some

of the original quirk, the musicianship has improved tremendously and it is clear Bell is serious

about getting a record deal and taking the project to the same heights of his fellow-Weezer mate

Matt Sharp's band, the Rentals.

"Rings of Saturn" has an incredibly catchy opening guitar riff that stays in your head all day after

one listen; "Goddess of Love" takes a different spin and changes tempo a few times almost as if

it were three songs in one. As far as lyrical style, Bell writes with fantasy-like metaphors -

completely opposite of Weezer songwriter Rivers Cuomo's autobiographical verses. "Osaka

Aqua Bus" has some pretty offbeat lyrics: "And the Tokyo sunset/ Reeks of octopus/so take a

ride on the Osaka Aqua Bus/ Taste the fish egg slush."

Any comments?

"It's my whole take on the Japanese experience," says Bell, laughing. "When I was there on tour

with Weezer, everything I ate had the taste of fish...fish shavings, fish eggs, fish heads. It was

impossible to get by! It was a mix of things...one day I was walking back to the hotel in Osaka

and I saw a sign, and I had woken up really early that day so I thought I was hallucinating, but it

said, 'Osaka Aqua Bus,' and that name! I wrote the song the next day because the word just

stuck in my head."

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