J. Michael Straczynski Says 'Silver Surfer' Script Stalled, Reveals Story Details

“What happened was when ‘FF2’ didn’t do as well as they hoped it would do, it caused them to call into question a ‘Silver Surfer’ movie,” noted Straczynski in an interview with Collider during last weekend’s “Ninja Assassin” press junket. “The script that I wrote picked up right where ‘FF2’ left off. So if they do a ‘Silver Surfer’ film down the road, it’ll have to be its own separate things.”

Straczynski added, “It was definitely adult fare. I wanted to tell the origin of the Surfer and get into that whole thing.”

Last month, actor Doug Jones (“Hellboy”) expressed his desire to reprise his role as the Silver Surfer even though the future of the potential franchise film remains unclear.

“There are still a couple of years left on their option for two more pictures with me, as a three-picture deal is quite standard when starting a franchise-potential character. But with all the ‘re-boot’ talk of the ‘Fantastic Four’, I have no idea where that leaves the Silver Surfer end of things. I would love to re-visit this character. I do love Norrin Radd,” said Jones.

During the same interview with Straczynski, fellow “Ninja Assassin” screenwriter Matthew Sand also spoke about his adaptation of Christian Gossett’s “The Red Star.”

“I’m working on a giant Timur Bekmambetov sci-fi project called ‘Red Star’ over at Universal,” related Sand. “Again, I’d like to think that could become a movie soon but whether it actually is, beyond my control.”

Bekmambetov’s most recent project was the animated film “9.” His best known American film is the adaptation of Mark Millar’s “Wanted.” Bekmambetov is also signed to direct “Wanted 2.”

Should Fox proceed with Straczynski’s Silver Surfer script? Are you excited to hear about Bekmambetov’s “Red Star” adaptation? Let us know what you’re thinking in our comment section below or on Twitter!

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