Kevin Smith Finally Ready for 'Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers'

"I think it would be kinda cool to go larger budget and shoot some effects on that one," he enthused.

Movie jail aside (and there's zero chance Smith could ever get put there - "Jersey Girl" or not), the biggest hurdle to bringing "Ranger Danger" to the big-screen hasn't been a skeptical studio – but, by the director's own admission, Smith himself. Call it being "totally gun shy," by the enormity of the endeavor, he conceded, on a project he once told "Variety" was his "stab at a comicbook/sci-fi movie in the vein of 'Flash Gordon.'"

But that's all changed for Smith coming off of the television pilot he directed for the CW series "Reaper," he boasted.

"'Reaper' made me feel a bit more confident when it comes to effect shoots - not like I'm going out and seeking them, but when it comes to one like 'Ranger Danger' I [used to think] 'maybe when I'm fifty I'll be ready for it,'" Smith confessed. "But now I feel like, it's easier to work through things.

"I maybe kind of feel like I maybe can approach 'Ranger Danger', and not f--- it up completely," he continued, chuckling.

Two to go before "Ranger Danger." What do you think of Smith making this his "special" tenth movie? Sound off below.

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