Riff Raff's Next Career Move Involves Hulk Hogan And The WWE

Yes, this is for real.

Pretty much no one will be surprised that internet wunderkind Riff Raff wants to learn how to wrestle professionally. And it's somehow even less surprising that Hulk Hogan has offered to make the rapper's dreams come true.

Yes, let's reiterate that one for you all again just to be clear: rapper Riff Raff (the guy from this photo) wants to wrestle professionally in the WWE and Hulk Hogan is going to help him.

Hogan's son, Nick, even posted a "promotional video" to go along with the announcement. The power of the neon pythons cannot be overstated:

"THANKS TO @HulkHogan NOW THE NEON iCON WiLL UNLEASH THESE NEON PYTHONS UPON THE @WWE AND GET THAT NEON TiTLE BELT," RaFF tweeted on Saturday. And his excitement on the matter only grew from there.

Hulk himself is also quite pleased with the development:

But watch out Wrestlemania, this might happen to your hair if you grapple with Riff Raff too long.

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