Spice Girls, PMS On The Money

October 1 [12:00 EDT] -- Expect a rush of Spice Girls paraphernalia this Christmas, courtesy of a new deal with PMS International (really!), one of the world's top merchandising companies.

According to a press release, goods on the market will include stationery, toys, bags, purses, party goods, picture frames, key rings, badges, and many other products. The Spice Girls, meanwhile, are directing their "girl power" at the rash of counterfeiters who have been capitalizing illegally on the band's success. The band's management office is offering cash rewards for fans who turn in the offenders.

The Spice Girls are the biggest selling pop stars of the nineties after just one album and five singles. Their debut single, "Wannabe," released last summer, has sold six million copies. Their CD has sold eleven million copies so far. But with a light touring schedule and problems meeting the mail order and retail demand, they've barely scratched the surface of their massive sideline

merchandising potential. None the less, they were number 32 on the Forbes richest entertainers list with estimated earnings of $47 million last year alone.

The megabucks should keep flowing for quite some time. The pre-Christmas season sees the release of a home video and a new album, the latter the soundtrack to a movie due in January. The Spice Girls film, "Spiceworld," is expected to spawn a whole new set of movie-themed designs and products. The girls will also be touring extensively for at least part of the year come 1998.