Something Good Finally Happened to Leonardo DiCaprio

This Oscar belongs to the bear as much as it does to Leo.

King of the world at last!

If Hollywood's biggest night was filled with questions about the future of the film industry and the future of the Oscars themselves, for Hollywood's biggest star at least, there finally comes some closure. Leo grunted, he grew man's most disgusting beard, he ate raw bison liver, he even tried acting for The Revenant, and some combination of the above proved to be the elusive call of the wild Oscar needed.

Leo has been waiting for an Oscar for 23 years, which makes the timing of this win especially fortunate, since—as lingerie models around the world can attest—Leo has been known to tap out once the object of his affections hits 25. But if Leo remains one of the few celebrities whose work remains as well seen as his tabloid exploits, his message on Oscar night went beyond the personal or the professional to speak to the political activism that has informed his growth from teen heartthrob into the realm of adult responsibility. Asserting his commitment to environmentalism and indigenous issues, Leo left the Oscar stage with a simple plea and a simple thanks. “Let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take this night for granted.”

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