Victoria Monét's Sexy New Song 'Dive' Is 'A Thrill You Can Taste'

'Women are an adventure,' she says of her playful, pleasure-fueled single

On Tuesday (April 21), Victoria Monét released her new single "Dive" alongside splashy, vintage-inspired artwork that really dials up the '70s aesthetic she's been favoring as of late. The slogan on that faux advertisement pretty much tells you everything you need to know: This song is 100 percent "a thrill you can taste!"

Over a mellow, jazzy beat, Monét sets the tone with her honeyed vocals, singing about opening up and getting deep with someone intoxicatingly new. By the second verse, her appetite for "long conversations" becomes a full-fledged sexual fantasy as she coaxes her partner to "kiss below the line" and, well, go deeper. "I wanna see you rock the boat, back and forth / Lick the beach, fuck the shore / Make me scream, all aboard," she sings. In case that wasn't explicit enough, the last minute of the song explodes into a playful outro featuring lush strings, classic horns, the sounds of a bed squeaking, and some faint background moaning. It's certainly a thrill.

In a statement, the singer-songwriter opened up about the significance of releasing a song fueled by femininity and sexual pleasure.

"Women are an adventure. We are as powerful as oceans, as beneficial as H20, and as fun as any theme park," she said. "Anyone lucky enough to taste that thrill should go all in. 'Dive' playfully invites one to do so. It emphasizes the importance of women getting our pleasure through oral sex. It's not talked about enough from our perspective and I wanted to break the ice. They say most humans are about 60% water, but I believe women must be 69% so dive in, baby. "

"Dive" is the latest taste of Monét's forthcoming project Jaguar, due for release this spring. She previously gave us fitness motivation with the self-love anthem "Ass Like That," then slowed it down for the lusty slow jam "Moment." Both of those tracks, along with "Dive," were bolstered by '70s throwback sounds and aesthetics, so expect Jaguar to continue that streak of classic-meets-modern R&B. In the meantime, dive into her latest single above.

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