'The Hills' Star Justin Bobby Was A 'Genius' Hairstylist, Adam Levine Says

'One day, mid-cut, he was like, 'So I think I'm going to do this show,' ' the Maroon 5 frontman recalls to MTV News.

Back before he was the slouchy philosopher dude with questionable facial hair on "The Hills" -- who could forget his sage-like proclamation that "Truth and time will tell all?" -- Justin Bobby was better known as Justin Brescia, hairstylist to the stars.

And back then, he counted among his clients the gentlemen of [article id="1642954"]Maroon 5[/article], who were, needless to say, rather amazed by his hairstyling abilities. Like, really amazed, as they told us earlier this month in New York. With the series [article id="1643499"]finale of "The Hills"[/article] upon us, we decided to share their revelations with you now.

"His name is Justin Brescia ... somehow [article id="1637540"]he became Justin Bobby,"[/article] M5 frontman Adam Levine said. "I don't know quite how to say this -- I've got to say this delicately -- but the man is the most incredible hairstylist ever. He really is. Justin, you're a genius," he laughed. "He cut all our hair for a long time, and then one day, mid-cut, he was like, 'So I think I'm going to do this show,' and it was called 'The Hills.' And now he's quit cutting hair and he's on the show and he's a big star, I guess."

But aside from having Brescia cut their hair, the guys in Maroon 5 remain rather blissfully unattached to the entire "Hills" phenomenon ("That's about as close as I get to that whole ... uh, thing," Levine smiled). So they weren't exactly aware that the show was coming to an end. But they were excited by the news, mostly because it meant they might be getting their old stylist back.

"The guy was like Edward Scissorhands ... he even has scissors tattooed on his arm," Levine said. "He was really passionate about cutting hair, he was like a sculptor. I know it sounds crazy, but the dude is a monster."

Well, what are the odds of getting Brescia back? Levine thought about it for a second, smiled, and then provided an answer straight out of the Justin Bobby book of philosophy.

"I don't know," he laughed. "Only truth and time will tell, bro."

What do you think Justin Bobby's next act should be? Should he go back to cutting hair post-"Hills"? Tell us in the comments!

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