'Arthur' Star Russell Brand Says Helen Mirren Would Be 'A Bloody Good Nanny'

'She has authority and sensitivity,' Brand says of Oscar-winner.

For those familiar with the trailers and TV spots for "Arthur" -- the Russell Brand-starring remake of the '80s classic in which a hapless, immature billionaire is faced with losing his inheritance if he marries the wrong woman -- the biggest surprise isn't necessarily the fact that the Hobson character is now a female nanny instead of a butler, but the fact that Oscar-winner Helen Mirren plays the part.

When MTV News caught up with the predictably unpredictable Brand and Mirren during the press day for the film, we asked them what the esteemed Dame would be like as a nanny.

"Helen Mirren, who plays Hobson, my nanny, in this lovely, fun-filled film 'Arthur,' would be a bloody good nanny," Brand said. "She's fantastic at looking after you; she has authority and sensitivity."

Brand then offered a few thoughts on employing nannies in general. "I've never had a nanny or employed a nanny, but if I were to, I would go down the Hobson route as opposed to the Mary Poppins route," he said sincerely. "You can't trust anyone who uses an umbrella as a flying machine."

Unsurprisingly, Mirren isn't quite as keen on the idea of being someone's nanny.

"Well, me, Helen Mirren, would never ever be in that position because I would never countenance dedicating my life to someone else in that way," she said. "It takes a very special person to do that, and nannies have that. They're a very special kind of people, nannies -- the kind of people who dedicate their lives to a whole other family that isn't theirs."

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