How To Make Your Own Justin Bieber Mugshot Costume For Halloween

You know what image will forever be seared into my brain from this year? Well, aside from Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" single art... It's Justin Bieber's mugshot. Taken when Biebs was arrested in late January on drag racing and DUI charges, the image was circulated massively, being churned into memes on memes on memes, thanks, for the most part, to his faint smile. With just days left until Halloween, this is actually a very easy costume to put together, and the best part: It's topical, too.

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After copping your own orange jumpsuit (or coordinating v-neck and pants), all you'll need to finish off your costume is a Bieber mask. Print JB's mug onto glossy photo paper at a size that matches the width of your own face. With an X-Acto knife, cut holes for your eyes BUT NOT your mouth. You wouldn't want to ruin that smile—it's basically your entire costume! Using two 1-inch pieces of Scotch tape, attach about a foot—or however much is necessary—of elastic cord to the paper to strap the mask to your face. Voila! Vous êtes Le Biebs!

+ Shirt: Urban Pipeline V-Neck Tee in Urban Orange ($10)

+ Pants: Sean Jean Chinos in Bird of Paradise ($30)

+ Photo Paper: Glossy Brochure Paper, 8 1/2" x 11" ($21)

+ X-Acto Knife: #2 Knife with Cap ($5)

+ Elastic: Round Cord Elastic ($2)

+ Tape: Scotch Magic Tape ($3)

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