'Scream Queens' Pays Homage To Princess Leia In The Cutest Way

Like mother, like daughter.

Chanel No. 3 is ditching her earmuffs for an iconic hairstyle -- from a galaxy far, far away -- in an upcoming episode of "Scream Queens."

The Chanels -- Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin -- were spotted filming a scene outside of a New Orleans courthouse in orange jumpsuits and chain shackles Thursday (November 5). In the scene, Chanel No. 3, played by Lourd, can be seen sporting Princess Leia's beloved hair buns from "Star Wars." This is adorable for many reasons, but the main one being that Lourd is the daughter of actress Princess Leia herself, Carrie Fisher.

Chanel No. 3's earmuffs were clearly an homage to Princess Leia's double-bun hairstyle, popularized by Fisher in "Star Wars." Now, it looks like Ryan Murphy and Co. are bringing the look full circle.

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Emma Roberts, Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin

It makes sense that Chanel No. 3 would be sporting these buns in prison, seeing as she probably wasn't allowed to bring her precious earmuffs with her, and there's no way she's going to risk getting her ears cut off by her psycho ex-boyfriend. So, in an effort to hide her ears, she goes full-on Princess Leia.

And we fully approve.


Of course, the bigger question is why are the Chanels in prison? And where is Chanel No. 6? Is it possible Chanel No. 6 framed the Chanels for the Kappa murders? Or is Hester already one of the Red Devil's victims at this point? After all, the season finale is currently in production.

Either way, it looks like the Kappas are going down for the grisly murders. Given Chanel's defiant glare, she obviously has a plan... hopefully.

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