John Boyega Shut Down Racist 'Star Wars' Haters With Four Simple Words

The actor fought back against claims there couldn't be a black stormtrooper.

John Boyega has been on a lot of people's minds ever since the new "Star Wars" trailer dropped. But some of the attention on the "Attack The Block" actor turned "Star Wars:The Force Awakens" stormtrooper has been negative, due to the fact that a few petty, racist troll types on YouTube are unhappy that a black man was donning the aforementioned trooper suit.

To which Boyega had but one thing to say: "Get used to it. :)"

The whole mess started in the comments section for the new teaser, where several folks complained this new iteration of "Star Wars" was pandering to the politically correct-obsessed social justice warrior types — otherwise known as people who, you know, think showcasing the inherent diversity of the human race is a good thing. This bled over into Twitter, where people tweeted angrily about J.J. Abrams' inclusion of people of color and women in major roles in the film.

But instead of lashing out, Boyega took the high road and posted an Instagram following the so-exciting-it-hurts "The Force Awakens" teaser trailer premiere, keeping it classy and focused on the positive in spite of the few hateful naysayers.

"Thank you for all the love and support," the actor wrote. "Isn't it crazy that Star Wars is actually happening?"

"As a Star Wars fan I'm very excited," he said, before dropping the mic with four words and a smiley face.

If you somehow haven't seen the trailer, go watch it immediately here—then go watch the Lego recreation.

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