Selena Gomez Is Secretly In Justin Bieber's ‘What Do You Mean' Video

I'm so confused.

Is Justin Bieber trying to send a message to Selena Gomez in his new music video?

It sort of seems that way. Some Beliebers, who should probably consider going into investigative work, spotted the name "Selena" in his "What Do You Mean" video.

If you look really closely, like you can't blink at all, you can see his ex's name spray-painted along the right side of the graffiti wall in the skate park scene.

Surrounding Selena's name are the words "hope," "love" and "JB." Very interesting.

This isn't the first time Justin shouted out the "Good For You" singer in his videos. Fans also noticed her name flash across the screen in his video with Skrillex and Diplo for "Where Are U Now."

The two didn't seem to cross paths while both attending the 2015 Video Music Awards where JB performed, and got a bit emotional, for the first time in five years.

So, I got to ask: Justin, what do you mean with all these subliminal messages? I want to know.