Pixar Just Dropped Major Details About 'Finding Dory' -- Meet Dory's Eccentric New Squad!

Just keep swimming into our hearts, Dory.

ANAHEIM, California -- We've waited 12 years for a sequel to "Finding Nemo," and finally, Pixar has delivered.

"Finding Dory" is currently in production at Pixar, and no one is more excited than the voice of Dory herself, Ellen Degeneres, who was on hand at Disney's D23 fan expo today (August 14) to celebrate and show fans some footage of the long-awaited Pixar sequel.

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Director Andrew Stanton said that at the end of "Finding Nemo," he needed to know that "this charming, forgetful fish would be okay -- that she would find her way home." But the director wasn't so confident. "So that's when I knew we had a story."

D23 goers saw several clips from the film, one that picks up after Dory gets pulled into an undertow early on in the movie. This triggers a flashback of memories, which leads Dory, Marlin and little Nemo on a journey across the ocean to kind Dory's family in the kelp forest of Northern California. But they only have one clue to go on: "The jewel of Monterey, California," which Dory mutters in her sleep.

"All I know is that I miss them. I really, really miss them," Dory says. "Do you know what that feels like?" Marlin looks at Nemo. He sighs because he does, indeed, know what that feels like. "Dad, you can get us all the way across the ocean, right?" young Nemo asks (fun fact: the original actor who voiced Nemo is now in his 20s). "No," Marlin he says. "But I know a guy." And thus the wild adventure begins!

DeGeneres introduced Dory's new ocean squad -- Ed O'Neil (voicing a octopus sectopus named Hank), Ty Burrell (voicing Bailey, a beluga whale) and Kaitlyn Olson (voicing a whale shark named Destiny who's very confused about her own identity). This eccentric bunch will eventually help Dory find her family, but first, they have to escape an ocean sanctuary facility where Dory finds herself after separating from Marlin and Nemo.

In another clip, we see Dory meet Hank, a "cantankerous" octopus who's afraid of being re-released into the ocean and longs for the comfort of an aquarium tank in Cleveland, Ohio. "Finding Dory" has definitely kept the humor and charm of its predecessor intact.

"Finding Dory" swims into theaters June 17, 2016.

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