Joe Jonas Has A New Band — And They Want You To DNCE

The former Jonas Brother just teased his mysterious new band — and we have questions.

Two years after the Jonas Brothers split up, middle bro Joe Jonas is returning to the band life once again.

The 26-year-old has taken a break from singing during the past couple years while focusing on successful DJing endeavors, but he’s now given us a taste of his next big musical venture. And it sounds like we better be ready to DNCE.

On Thursday (Sept. 10), Joe posted a mysterious video on Instagram captioned simply “@dnce.” In the clip, we hear layered voices singing “D-N-C-E” over and over again as the letters pop up. Then, a funky beat kicks in and we see four silhouettes — three guys and a girl — walking out of the ocean at dusk, as a male voice says “OK.”

Intriguing, right?

The @dnce Instagram account is private, but once your request to follow is approved, you’ll notice that it has zero posts thus far (boo!). The bio, however, reads “YOUR NEW FAVORITE BAND” and includes the link to a website,, which simply contains the same teaser video.

But further hints can be deciphered from the four people followed by the @dnce Instagram account. Besides Joe, there’s Jin Joo, Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless.

Jo Bro fans might remember Lawless as the band’s former drummer from back in the day, so it’s definitely not surprising that he and Joe would team up again.

Joo, meanwhile, is a guitarist who’s played with Charli XCX and is also tight with Joe.

And Whittle is also one of Joe’s buds, as well as the former bassist of Semi Precious Weapons.

As of now, DNCE is pretty much cloaked in mystery, but it’s safe to say fans’ interests are already piqued.

Of course, we have plenty of questions: What will DNCE’s music sound like? Do you pronounce it “dance” or “donce” or what? Is Joe the lead singer or does he man the turntables? And when, oh when, can we finally hear some tunes?! Stay tuned — it looks like we’ll be getting answers soon enough!