MTV Twitter Roundup: Diem Brown Explains How To Style The Dreaded 'Chemo Mullet'

A mullet? Hardly. Diem Brown looks chic with short hair.

Having undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy, two-time cancer survivor and "Challenge" standout Diem Brown is an expert on how to work a bald head. But when remission finally comes and hair returns, how does one handle what she's deemed the "chemo mullet"? Well, as Brown explained on Twitter this week, it's as easy as sweeping the front to the side, bobby-pinning the rest of it down and voila -- you've got the perfect 'do. We think you look stunning, D!

Elsewhere on MTV-centric social media this week, Chanel West Coast needed some motivation to help her claim the spotlight, while Quinn Marcus of "Girl Code" coped with no longer being the apple of her mom's eye (watch your back, Alice Wetterlund). And though Molly Tarlov of "Awkward" was all set to take on a different genre of television, her co-star, new mom Nikki Deloach, was ready to throw in the towel for the next 18 years.

Check out what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say on Twitter this week!

Photo courtesy of @DiemBrown

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