Ryan Reynolds Recruited Blake Lively's Mom To Sell 'Obscenely Boring Shirts' For COVID-19 Relief

'We're asking every Canadian to purchase this T-shirt, and as you can see it is boring as fuck'

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds want you to buy a "boring as fuck" T-shirt in a bid to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Reynolds took to Instagram on Thursday (April 16) with a hilarious clip promoting an "obscenely boring shirt" form the Canadian nonprofit Conquer COVID-19 in a show of support for the charitable organization.

"We’re asking every Canadian to purchase this t-shirt, and as you can see, it is boring as fuck," he said in the clip.

"100% of the proceeds of this horrific shirt are gonna go to buying PPE for frontline personnel in our most vulnerable communities," Reynolds said of the charity, while clad in one of the shirts himself. "Now, I know that’s not an exciting prospect or point, but the faster we get those guys protected, the faster they get us back to boring."

As far as the shirt itself, it's actually not all that boring. Reynolds himself is wearing a navy version with stark white lettering. It's actually very chic. But it's much more fun to call it boring, for sure. Still, Ryan teased that it's "so unremarkable" that it renders its wearer "completely invisible."

He even joked that his mother-in-law "has been looking for him for days." Hope they find him soon. Of course, would this really be a Ryan Reynolds production if wife Blake Lively weren't at his side? She offered some extra promotion love via Instagram Story, where she urged fans to pick up a shirt and donate to charity.


Blake Lively & Ryan ReynoldsCredit: Blake Lively/Instagram

"I literally fell asleep looking at this shirt. But it’s for a good cause," she wrote. With those kinds of ringing endorsements, everyone will want a shirt.

All joking aside, both Lively and Reynolds have been taking great strides during these times to direct support where it's needed as we all learn to cope with the chaos brought on by the novel coronavirus. At least they also know how to bring a bit of levity to the situation as well.